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Find great nannies/sitters in just one place. We’ll connect you with vetted and available childcare providers in you area.


How does it work

We give you two options, choose what works best for your family.

Childcare agencies

1. Agency matching

Fill out our application form so we can understand your childcare requirements.
We will connect you with the best agency in your area.

2. Pay the search or subscription fee

Most agencies charge a search or subscription fee at the beginning because they are going to spend a lot of time and effort to give you a personalized experience.

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3. Review candidates

The agency will present you multiple candidates that are extremely vetted (interviewed, background checks, reference checks). They will provide you with higher quality childcare professionals that are experienced and have training certifications.

4. Hire a candidate

In the case of a long-term job, you will directly hire the candidate and pay a placement fee to the agency.
In the case of a short term job you will only pay the hourly rate.

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Our database

1. Childcare matching

Tell us your childcare needs and we will start sending you potential candidates that match what you are looking for.

2. Select a candidate

Each candidate profile has extensive information about their experience and qualifications so you can make an informed decision on who to select.

3. Select addons

Optionally, we provide you with additional services to vet candidates: Background and reference checking and in-depth interviews.

4. Pay

Make a final decision on who to hire and pay a one-time fee of $250.

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Benefits of Working with agencies

Personalized experiences with a human-touch

Personalized recruiting

Personalized consultation to understand your family’s needs, expectations, and personality to find the best candidate for you. You will receive a list of qualified candidates and assistance coordinating interviews.


Thorough process that includes background and reference checking, vaccination, certification and training authentication.

Help hiring

Access to standardized contracts and get assistance in the negotiation of an employment contract with the nanny.

Service guarantee

Free caregiver replacements.


About Us

We are a technology company that is on a mission to make childcare accessible and reliable for every working parent.
We created a digital platform for our network of childcare agencies to manage their day by day operations, which enables them to provide an exceptional experience to families that are looking for childcare. With our technology, agencies have a great tool to recruit, screen and vet childcare providers, and perfectly match them with you base on you family’s needs and personality.
We provide you with a one stop shop for childcare so you don’t have to browse through lots of different sites. With our network of agencies you can have a fully personalized experience while making sure that you will be matched only with fully vetted childcare professionals.


Our Agencies

A network of hundreds of agencies across the US and Canada

Agency Fees

Search fee

$250 – $500

At the beginning

Initial family consultation

Personalized candidate recruitment

Placement fee

10% – 15% of the yearly salary

When the candidate is hired

List of qualified candidates

Assistance on interviews

Employment contract templates

Assistance with contract negotiations

Certificate, reference and background checking

After placement support

Free replacements

On call

$25 – $35

Hourly rate

Backup care

Last minute care

Vetted childcare providers


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